Tax ID Theft Awareness Week


Monday, April 18, 2016 is the filing deadline for Internal Revenue Service tax returns. The IRS uses Social Security Numbers to verify tax returns and every year, scammers steal SSNs to get somebody else’s tax refund or a job. In 2015, the IRS investigated and caught many  identity thieves and tax fraudsters, including a ringleader of a $24 million stolen ID tax refund fraud ring.

To educate the public about ID theft, the Federal Trade Commission is hosting Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week during the week of Jan. 25. Events will include Twitter chats and webinars.

It’s not just the average Joe or Jane that needs to be worried about being targeted by hackers. 

Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave as the Federal Bureau of Investigation recently notified the University of Virginia that, as a result of a phishing e-mail scam, hackers accessed UVA’s human resources system, the school announced. There, the hackers stole payroll records of 1,400 employees, which included their SSNs. Further, the direct-deposit banking information of 40 employees was exposed.

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