Taxing Marijuana: A Collection of In-Depth Analysis and Insight

Marijuana, both medical and recreational, has been a constant feature of legislative and legal controversy over the past few years. More than 20 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal usage, and four states — Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon — now regulate sales for recreational purposes. All the while, these states are in major conflict with federal law enforcement. Understanding the states’ tax regimes and regulatory structures is vital for companies involved in the marijuana trade and the companies with which they associate.

Bloomberg Tax's special report, Taxing Marijuana: A Collection of In-Depth Analysis and Insight, discuss states' evolving regulatory regimes governing medical and recreational marijuana. Because of the conflict between federal and states' varied legal treatment of marijuana, as well as potential outcomes of the numerous 2016 marijuana legalization ballot initiative campaigns, marijuana businesses and their affiliates must be thoroughly informed to operate successfully.

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