The Future of the U.S. Tax Code


President Donald Trump and House Republicans have promised to make revamping the tax code a top priority, which could result in the first major overhaul of the U.S. tax system since 1986. Our editors, reporters, and network of leading practitioners are tracking, reporting, and providing insights and analysis on developments as they unfold.

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Border Adjustment Bashing to Continue for Foreseeable Future

Opponents of border adjustability won’t stop criticizing the provision until all possibility of its inclusion in tax reform is gone, according to lawmakers who dislike the idea.

Federal Tax Reform Driving States to Digital Sales Taxes

Federal lawmakers’ efforts to control states’ taxing authority over remote retailers is adding pressure as potential federal tax reform threatens to further deplete states’ coffers.

House Budget May Face Opposition Despite Tax Reform Push

The House GOP budget resolution is likely to face opposition from both moderate Republicans and conservative House Freedom Caucus members as it moves to the House floor.

Former Top Treasury Tax Officials Prefer Corporate Integration

The idea of a dividends paid corporate integration system to reform the corporate tax system may be making a comeback in the Senate.

House GOP Budget Would Tie Tax Reform to Spending Cuts

The planned Republican tax system overhaul would be part of a legislative package that would also include more than $200 billion in spending cuts, under the House GOP budget unveiled July 18.


Federal Tax Reform Impact on States

Check out what you missed in our Twitter #TaxReformChat Tax Reform Lessons: A Look at How It Worked in 1986, And What's Different Now

Take a look at a comparison of the current law and proposed changes as of April 28, 2017.



House Budget Faces Challenges Out of the Gate

The House fiscal year 2018 budget resolution, which is the key to the GOP's full tax reform package, is facing difficulties as moderate and conservative Republicans have already attacked the measure.

GOP Health Care Efforts May Become Tax Reform Hindrance

Senate Republicans can afford to lose only two votes on their controversial health care overhaul package, leaving the fate of the bill unknown.

Global Minimum Tax Enters Tax Reform Debate

The idea of a global minimum tax has found its way into the tax reform debate, with members of both political parties agreeing the tax could hold U.S. corporations accountable for tax owed on their earnings around the world.

Health Care Vote Shelved Until After July Fourth Recess

Lawmakers headed home after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) postponed a vote on the controversial Republican health care bill.

Draft Health Care Bill Faces Compromises Before Vote

The Senate is likely to vote the week of June 26 on a draft health care bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act's taxes. Senate Republicans are working to compromise on various aspects of the legislation.


Colleen Murphy on Tax Reform Timing with Bloomberg Radio

Capitol Hill Tax Reporter Colleen Murphy looks at the potential timeframe for tax reform on Bloomberg Surveillance

Laura Davison on Border Tax with Bloomberg Radio

Capitol Hill Tax Reporter Laura Davison discusses a House Ways & Means Committee hearing on the border tax, which has divided GOP members, on today’s Bloomberg Surveillance.

Alex Ruoff on ACA Repeal with Bloomberg Radio

Capitol Hill Healthcare Reporter Alex Ruoff discusses the likelihood of an Affordable Care Act replacement and repeal — and the driving force of the House on this effort — on Bloomberg Surveillance.

Laura Davison on Trump Tax Reform with Bloomberg Radio

Congressional Tax Reporter Laura Davison appeared on Bloomberg Markets to discuss the timeframe for the rollout of the detailed tax reform plan from the Trump administration and some of its major underpinnings.

Laura Davison on NPR’s 1A on Trump’s Tax Blueprint

Capitol Hill Tax Reporter Laura Davison appeared as a guest on NPR’s 1A to discuss President Trump’s new blueprint for big tax cuts and how it will impact workers and business owners.

Colleen Murphy on Trump Tax Cuts with Bloomberg Radio

Tax Reporter Colleen Murphy appeared on Bloomberg Markets to discuss the release of what the White House calls the ‘biggest tax cut’ in U.S. history.

Stu Basu on Bloomberg Radio to Discuss President Trump's Tax Plan

Tax Reporter Stu Basu was a guest on Politics, Policy and Power where he discussed President Trump’s proposed 15% corporate tax rate and its impact on businesses.