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Bloomberg Tax offers a comprehensive tax research solution, wherever you focus your practice. Our essential resources pair the proven expertise and perspective of leading tax practitioners in our renowned Tax Management Portfoliostm with integrated news, in-depth analysis and insights, primary sources, practice tools and more — all delivered on an advanced technology platform that quickly gets you to the essential information you need when you need it.

Video Tutorials

Getting Started
Learn how to log into your Bloomberg Tax account. 

Working with Documents
Learn how to easily print, export, email, and save all your content from any document page.

Learn how to navigate to and within Tax Management Portfoliostm.

BTAX Workspaces
Learn how to save documents, including Tax Management Portfoliostm sections, searches, and charts for future use.

Learn the five main search methods to effectively conduct your research.

BTAX Managing Emails
Learn how to manage the emails you receive in your inbox.

BTAX Advance Search
Learn how to use the advance search bar.

BTAX Index Search
Learn how to search by topical indexes.

BTAX Portfolio Search
Learn how to use the Go To Portfolio search bar.

BTAX Code Section Search
Learn how to search by code section.

BTAX Global Search Bar
Learn how to use the global search bar.

State Tax Videos

State Tax Pass-Through Entity Navigator
Learn how to use the State Tax Pass-Through Entity Navigator.

State Chart Builders
Learn about State Tax Navigators and Chart Builders.