Tech Group Makes Innovation Recommendations to White House

White House 1

Appointing a chief innovation officer within the White House and creating an “innovation ideas” panel are just a few of the ways the Trump administration can modernize government operations and services, according to a report released today by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a Washington, D.C. tech think tank.

The main goal of the White House Office of American Innovation, created by President Donald Trump in March, is to develop solutions on how to improve government operations.

Government innovation is essential to productivity and efficiency, the ITIF said in its report. To the “extent that it fails to innovate, users of federal services will suffer from higher costs, less functionality, and lower quality,” the report said.

ITIF proposed that the Trump administration establish a position whose primary responsibility would be to coordinate innovation within the government. It also proposed that the administration create a process for companies to present innovative ideas and solutions to a panel of federal officials.

Trump’s goal to transform government operations through innovation won’t be easy but can be achieved, ITIF President Robert D. Atkinson, lead author of the report, said in a statement. “It will require systemic changes across the federal enterprise to inject the philosophy and practice of customer-driven innovation into the core functioning of government,” he said.

The report recommended a number of other actions that the White House could do to improve government performance, including a mandate for federal agencies to add an innovation component to their strategic plans.