Telecom Policy Insiders Set for Wide-Reaching Policy Discussion

telecom tower

Federal Communications Commission staffers and telecom policy insiders are set to convene Sept 21 in Seattle to discuss top policy priorities at the FCC and among telecom-focused lawmakers—and how the election could upend those concerns.

A panel discussion, held as part of the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA)’s annual convention and moderated by Bloomberg BNA, will touch on the role of regulators and industry as the country works to develop next-generation networks. Expected topics include the infrastructure needed to develop 5G mobile networks and Internet of Things applications; the long-term effects of recent and proposed FCC regulations; and the shadow of the November elections looming over it all.

With expectations for election results seemingly changing by the day, the fate of certain initiatives remains unclear. The GOP holding onto Congress and taking the White House could fast-track a long-discussed Communications Act rewrite that could majorly check FCC authority. If Hillary Clinton wins and takes enough down-ballot Democrats along to at least retake the Senate and pick up some crucial House seats, the era of friction between Congress and the FCC could be nearing an end. The panel will address the election’s many possible effects.

The panelists will be Edward Smith, legal advisor to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler; Brendan Carr, legal advisor to FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai; Glenn Reynolds, chief of staff for National Telecommunications & Information Administration chief Lawrence Strickling; Grant Spellmeyer, U.S. Cellular’s vice president of federal affairs and public policy; and Nicol Turner-Lee, chief research and policy officer for the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council.