How do you think students will find value in Litigation Analytics?


Your new Litigation Analytics looks like a great tool for practitioners, but how do you think students will find value in this information? I’m afraid it might be TMI.


Information Overload

Dear IO (information overload),

Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Analytics tool does provide a tremendous amount of information but for today’s student, the key is not the amount of information but the ease of use and ease of application.  This is what makes our analytics content stand out from others.  Let’s talk specifically about the Judicial Analytics that have been added to the already widely popular Law Firm and Company Analytics content, since I suspect you’re talking more about the addition of even more analytical content to this feature.

With the addition of Judicial Analytics, you can now quickly determine: 

  • Percentages of dispositive motions that are granted, denied and granted/denied in part.
  • Percentages of appeals that have been affirmed, reversed, and affirmed/reversed in part.
  • The most frequently cited court opinions issued by a particular judge.
  • The average length of time litigation takes when a particular judge is presiding broken down by case type

By simply entering the name of any Federal District Court judge a user can find out a wealth of information including the judge’s professional career profile, most cited opinions, and news where the judge is quoted or referenced along with instant access to every docket on which this judge sits.  All of this information appears at your fingertips with one search and on one page.

If we are in the business of creating practice ready attorneys what better way to start than by showing our students how to prepare for an appearance before a judge by understanding how that judge runs his or her courtroom and how that judge thinks.  They can do so quickly and effortlessly.  Never mind the obvious value for the many students who aim for a judicial clerkship with one of the many judges found in this profile.

Check it out and let us know what you think!