Top Industry Sectors for IPOs—A Look at the Numbers

2016 Top Industry IPOs

Over the last five years, the financial and consumer, non-cyclical sectors have consistently outperformed other sectors by number and dollar value of IPOs, according to Bloomberg Law data.

In the last three years, the consumer, non-cyclical industry sector led with the largest number of IPOs and the dollar amount raised.  Highlights from that period include:

  • IHS Markit IPO in June 2014 ($1.48 billion raised)
  • Blue Buffalo Pet Products IPO in July 2015 ($778.13 million raised)
  • US Foods IPO in May 2016 ($1.18 billion raised)

The energy and communications sectors were in the top three industry sectors by deal count from 2012-2014, but were replaced by the technology sector in the last two years.

The technology sector saw 18 IPOs in each of 2015 and 2016, raising $6.26 billion and $1.86 billion, respectively.

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