Tracking a Docket

Bloomberg Law allows you to track many dockets so that you can receive emails when there is an update to the docket. For pricing information which could apply, see  Dockets Pricing.

How to Track a Docket

  1. To Track a Docket, open the docket you seek to track.
  2. Click Track Docket.
  3. Select a desired Frequency from the drop-down options.
  4. If you are interested in tracking the docket several times during the day, select Custom. You can track a federal court docket up to 5 times a day every day of the week.
  5. The following occurs: A confirmation pop-up will appear and Your Docket track is created.
    Track updates will be sent to your e-mail address and are available in the Alerts area of the site, located in the “My Work History” section.