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The Chapter Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has been released to the general public. U.S. corporations will, for the first time, see a comprehensive roadmap for international trade between the partnering nations.

We will soon be posting the video recordings from this live event held on Wednesday, December 2nd at Bloomberg Headquarters in New York City. Attendees were among the very first to hear the components of that 'roadmap' as members of government committees that created the Chapter Text communicate their insights and commentary.

This free event covered:

  • Market Access – Does TPP deliver on its promise to open markets? Which service industries will face country-specific exemptions to trade liberalization?  Who are the winners and losers under the new market paradigm?
  • The 21st Century Information/Innovation Economy – U.S. negotiating priorities in TPP include digital trade and the promotion of robust intellectual property rules.  In which countries will U.S. companies benefit most?
  • Cross-Cutting Issues – How will TPP create a more level playing field for investment?  TPP creates new rules on state-owned enterprises.  So what are the new possibilities for investment and partnership? 
  • Regulatory Developments – How much regulatory cooperation and cohesion will be achieved through TPP, and how will TPP help U.S. businesses combat unwarranted barriers to trade in the TPP region?

TPP is one of the most critical, and potentially most transformative, trade negotiations in decades. Come back to view the videos of this event where current and former trade negotiators, industry advisors, other business stakeholders and Bloomberg BNA’s own international trade experts, were part of the discussion! 

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