A Trilogy of TSCA Reform: These Viewpoints Urge Passage, Green Chemistry, Asbestos Provisions

Legislation to overhaul the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act is moving ahead in Congress, and we are watching every step.

Here is some of our latest news:

  • Bloomberg BNA's Anthony Adragna reports in a story for subscribers that House and Senate negotiators may emerge with a combined bill the week of May 9 in Lawmakers Amble Toward Chemical Reform Finish Line.
  • Whenever the legislation emerges, the chemical industry must be able to plan for compliance, says Beth Bosley of Boron Specialities. Bosley, who has extensive experience with trade associations and testifying before Congress, reviews what it took to reach this point and how a broad section of groups want these measures to become law. Her story for subscribers: A Toxic Substances Control Act for the 21st Century

     asbestos worker 2

    (Photographer: Adam Berry/Bloomberg News)