Trump Backs Internet Governance Dialogue in 2018 Budget Proposal


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President Donald Trump wants to cut funding for a number of federal agencies, departments and programs under a 2018 budget blueprint released March 16. But the U.S. presence in global internet governance discussions is one thing that Trump says he won’t cut.

According to the proposal, the Trump administration will continue supporting the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s participation in “multi-stakeholder forums” on internet governance and digital commerce.

On the campaign trail, Trump opposed an NTIA plan to give up oversight of the technical functions that make the internet work. Going through with the plan could empower countries like China and Russia to censor online speech, Stephen Miller, national policy director for the campaign, said last September in a statement on Trump’s campaign website.

The NTIA completed that plan Oct. 1, 2016, by transferring oversight to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the nonprofit that coordinates the domain name system. It remains to be seen if Trump’s concerns regarding possible effects of the transfer will be voiced at future forums.