Trump to Preview Regulatory Agenda in White House Speech

By Cheryl Bolen

The administration’s regulatory agenda for the coming fiscal year will be the subject of a presidential speech the morning of Oct. 2 at the White House, followed by discussions at 10 regulatory agencies in the afternoon, senior administration officials said Sept. 22.

Invitations were being sent to 300 people to hear President Donald Trump’s speech, including those from think tanks, industry groups, universities, companies, state governments and others with an interest in the regulatory process, an official said.

Additional information about the speech and agency events will be publicized in the coming days, a senior administration official told reporters on a conference call. The events could draw more than 1,000 participants, said the official, who was one of two on the call.

“In terms of the presidential speech, the focus is going to be very much on what we’ve achieved already, which is obviously quite a lot, but also looking forward to what people can expect from the administration over the next year and onwards from there,” an official said.

Individual Agency Sessions

Following the White House speech, which is scheduled for 11 a.m. EDT, invitees will join additional participants at one of 10 regulatory agencies across the government, which will hold breakout sessions in the afternoon.

The following agencies are expected to participate:

  •  Department of Agriculture
  •  Department of Commerce
  •  Department of Education
  •  Department of Energy
  •  Department of Health and Human Services
  •  Department of the Interior
  •  Department of Labor
  •  Small Business Administration
  •  Department of Transportation
  •  Department of the Treasury
The date of Oct. 2, which is a Monday, was selected to mark the start of the next fiscal year, when agencies will be expected to generate below zero dollars in net new regulatory costs. The agency sessions are intended to be as open as possible, focus on the regulatory agendas of that specific agency, and encourage public input, an official said.

“Deregulation has been a focus of the administration for the first eight months and will continue to be a very strong focus going forward,” the official said.

Deregulation Linked to Economic Growth

The presidential speech and agency events will emphasize the importance that this administration places on reviewing regulatory policy, the other official said.

“These deregulatory efforts, or these regulatory reform efforts, are so important to the administration precisely because they are connected to economic growth, and promoting innovation, and furthering individual liberty and property rights,” the official said.

It is all part of a larger policy to get regulation out of the way in order to help Americans and promote these important goals, the official said.

Transparency Too

Another major component of the presidential speech and agency events is to promote the transparency of this administration’s regulatory policies and goals, the official said.

Agencies have been and are working on ways to better include the public in their regulatory decision-making, the official said.

“Part of the effort of this day is to convey to individuals and to groups and to academics how they can get involved with these efforts in providing information and input into that,” the official said.

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