Trump Signs Law to Refund Federal Employees for Uber Rides

business travel

Want to book an Uber rather than a cab on official business travel?  If you’re a federal employee, now you’ll be reimbursed for it.

Hailing a ride with Uber Technologies Inc. and similar platforms is a reimbursable travel expense for federal employees under a law President Donald Trump signed May 16.

The Modernizing Government Travel Act requires the General Services Administration to establish regulations on such reimbursement.  Federal agencies must submit an annual report to the GSA showing total payments for ride-hailing expenses, duration of trips and purposes of travel under the law.

Uber and Lyft Inc. applauded the new law.

The law will “make it easier for federal employees to get from point A to point B in an efficient and cost effective way,” Uber’s head of federal affairs Niki Christoff said in an emailed statement.

Lyft’s Vice President for Government Affairs Joseph Okpaku said in an emailed statement that the law will “promote government efficiency and save taxpayers money.”