Make Trump’s Scottish Golf Resort Great Again (At Registering With Privacy Office)


When Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump visited his golf course in Scotland back in June, he congratulated the Scots on the decision to leave the European Union. His remarks teed off a storm of criticisms, as Scotland had actually voted to stay in the EU. 

Now, another golf resort in Scotland is giving The Donald a headache.

Trump’s golf resort in Aberdeenshire, Scotland recently admitted that it failed to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office, the U.K.’s privacy watchdog, according to The Guardian. The resort has an extensive closed-circuit television system and handles data on golfers, guests and staff, but failed to register under the Data Protection Act, it said.

Although Trump’s real estate company is based in the U.S., it has operations around the world and it would be prudent to follow other countries’ and international laws and regulations. One example is the recent EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, which seeks to protect privacy rights of EU citizens whose personal data is transferred to the U.S. 

According to The Guardian, the U.K.’s ICO received Aug. 11 a valid registration for Trump International Golf Course Scotland and decided not to investigate further. 

Looks like Trump’s company got to take a privacy mulligan, but I wonder if anyone got fired over the blunder.

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