TSCA, Appropriations, Energy and Zika Measures in the Week Ahead



The House Rules Committee will have its hands full this week taking up the Toxic Substances Control Act, the Energy and Water Appropriations, a huge amendment to the broad House energy bill and a Zika bill. The House will likely take up several of these bills later this week.

TSCA Action – The House Rules Committee tonight will take up the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act (H.R. 2576), which overhauls the Environmental Protection Agency’s primary chemicals law – the Toxic Substances Control Act. The bill will likely see House floor action as early as Tuesday, and the Senate will take it up after a House vote, Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, said last week. Bloomberg BNA reporter Pat Rizzuto will be covering it this week.

Energy and Water Appropriations ­– House Rules will also consider the Energy and Water Appropriations (H.R. 5055), the House’s $37.4 billion appropriations bill to provide $30 billion for the Energy Department, $6 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers and $1.1 billion for the Department of Interior in fiscal 2017. Bloomberg BNA reporter Ari Natter will be following.

Energy Bill Revived – House Rules is also set to take up the broad energy reform bill (H.R. 8) on Tuesday. Bloomberg BNA’s Natter has reported that the committee will consider a major amendment to the bill, which passed in December. The amendment includes provisions including a California drought bill and a nuclear energy bill. It’ll be a House amendment to the Senate version (S. 2012), which passed the Senate in April, and the House is set to vote on a motion to go to conference on the bills at the end of the week.

Zika Bill – House Rules tonight will also take up the Zika Vector Control Act (H.R. 897), which is expected to be taken up by the House this week. The bill would eliminate Clean Water Act discharge permit requirements for pesticides on or near waters, according to Bloomberg BNA reporter Amena Saiyid who’s covering the bill.

Also this week:

WOTUS Hearing – On Tuesday, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will examine the Waters of the U.S. rule. Bloomberg BNA reporter Amena Saiyid will cover.

Then there’s WRDA – On Wednesday, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is set to mark up the Water Resources Development Act of 2016, which BNA reporter Alan Kovski plans to cover.