Tweeted by the President: Lawfare’s Wittes, Hennessey Talk Trump, Russia

Trump 5-10-17

What’s it like when President Trump unexpectedly mentions you in a tweet?

Lawfare’s Editor in Chief Benjamin Wittes found out as he was riding in a taxi, he tells Bloomberg BNA in this podcast.

The tweet put a spotlight on the Lawfare blog, but it was already a go-to site for those interested in national security law.

Wittes and Lawfare’s Managing Editor Susan Hennessey sat down with Patrick Gregory to discuss the Trump tweet, the Russia investigation, separation of powers, wireless surveillance and national security in the Trump era.

Speaking of Russia, Benjamin and Susan recently responded to late-breaking news of Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey.

There’s “no question that removing the FBI Director in the midst of a high-stakes investigation of Russian influence in the inner circle of the President’s campaign and White House is a horrifying breach of every expectation we have of the relationship between the White House and federal law enforcement,” they said.

“Whomever Trump chooses for the role needs to go through the most exacting scrutiny to make sure that the director’s office—and the Bureau more generally—is not now the subject of White House control and a mere instrument of political whim,” they said.