Uber to Face Subpoena for Alleged Greyball Playbook

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By Alexis Kramer

The Portland Ore. City Council May 10 unanimously authorized a subpoena seeking what city officials describe as Uber Technologies Inc.'s “playbook” for an alleged scheme in which it used software to evade detection by city regulators.

The subpoena is just the latest legal hurdle for the ride-hailing company, which, among other things, is purportedly under federal criminal investigation over its use of the software known as Greyball.

The city council authorized Portland’s city attorney to issue the subpoena as part of an ongoing probe by the city’s Bureau of Transportation into Uber’s alleged use of the technology. An earlier report summarizing the investigation said that Uber didn’t provide all of the documentation the bureau had requested.

“I feel very strongly that the City Council must use one of the most powerful tools at our disposal—our legislative subpoena power—in order to obtain the requested records Uber has yet to provide, namely, the Greyball playbook and any associated software,” Portland Transportation Commissioner Dan Saltzman said in a statement.

Saltzman’s spokeswoman, Tia Williams, told Bloomberg BNA May 10 she expects the city attorney to issue the subpoena in the next week. Uber didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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