U.K.: Line Management Engagement Key Problem in Recruitment, Survey Finds

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By Rick Vollmar

Aug. 19—Research conducted by e-recruitment specialist WCN has found that one of the biggest challenges in recruiting new talent in the U.K. is the lack of line management involvement, Online Recruitment magazine reported Aug. 18.

A WCN survey of more than 50 HR professionals from some of the U.K.'s largest recruiters found that a fifth of organizations struggle to identify and engage scarce talent, while 22 percent report problems engaging line management in the recruitment process.

“It’s interesting to see how priorities have shifted from managing limited resources to the lack of engagement by line managers,” Online Recruitment quoted WCN marketing manager Ruth Ferguson. “Recruitment teams are now expected to do so much more—manage candidate expectations, large volumes of CVs and applications, and use of latest technology and social media platforms to engage with new talent, making it clear why many companies, without well thought through e-recruitment solutions, are struggling to do it all.”

“While HR often contributes to the recruitment process, it is also important that they build up the capability and confidence of line managers in order to ensure that engagement levels can be sustained day in and day out,” Ferguson continued, “as this will affect the atmosphere, focus and direction of the business, which in turn affects recruitment and the hiring of new talent.”

Among other things, “the research also found that 44 percent of HR professionals stated social media as the biggest innovation to affect the recruitment process when attracting new talent,” Ferguson said, “followed by deploying automation, bulk processing and online technology enabling candidate screening to have an effect on the recruitment processes.”

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The Online Recruitment story is available at http://www.onrec.com/news/statistics-and-trends/engagement-biggest-recruitment-challenge, additional information on WCN at wcn.co.uk.

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