U.K.: Unprepared Employers May Lose Gen Z Talent

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By Rick Vollmar

Aug. 21—“There are some amazing employees out there, but with competition so high, companies need to provide very high quality work environments to attract them,” says Condeco Software CEO and founder Paul Statham as quoted in a recent article in the Economic Voice. “With Generation Z now entering the workplace in force, an agile, technology-driven working environment is more important than ever.”

According to Statham, employers that fail to take into account the special needs of Gen Z—roughly those born from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s—are likely to lose out on a key component of the present and future workforce.

“Employers must make sure that they create a workplace environment which attracts the top talent of this age group and at the same time takes advantage of their technological skills to boost productivity,” Statham says. “These potential employees entering the job market will be the first true digital natives and they want more than just a good salary—they want businesses to understand their abilities and what motivates them.

“To achieve this, leading companies are investing in the latest workplace technology to create an activity-based working environment that provides employees with the space to work, meet and collaborate. . . . Gone are the days of out-dated workplace practices such as sitting at a fixed desk every working day of your life. The workplace must reflect the digitally connected world we live in today and leading companies must ensure that their office is smart and agile. If they fail to make these adaptations to the office, they risk missing out on the top talent of Generation Z.”

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The Economic Voice article is available at https://www.economicvoice.com/companies-will-miss-out-on-the-top-talent-of-generation-z-if-they-fail-to-create-a-smart-office-empowered-by-technology/.

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