Ukraine: Authorities Clarify New Minimum Wage Levels

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By Sergei Blagov

Feb. 12—The Ukrainian tax service has released clarification of new minimum wage requirements applicable to employers under Law No. 928-VIII.

The minimum wage was increased to 1,378 hryvnia ($59.25) per month or 8.29 hryvnia ($0.36) per hour on Jan. 1 and will increase again on May 1 to 1,450 hryvnia ($62.35) per month or 8.69 hryvnia ($0.37) per hour. Effective Dec. 1, there will be a further increase to 1,550 hryvnia ($66.65) per month or 9.29 hryvnia ($0.40) per hour.

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For More Information

Full text of the State Fiscal Service notification on the minimum wage is available at, of Law No. 928-VIII at, both in Ukrainian.

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