UN Climate Chief on Trump’s Vow to Reopen Paris Pact: ‘Good Luck with That’


Eric Lyman

Longtime Bloomberg BNA international climate change correspondent Eric J. Lyman, while covering UN meetings in Bonn, scored a one-on-one interview this week with Christiana Figueres, head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.


Eric has covered the UN’s sometimes arcane process for us for years, trailing delegates around the globe as they’ve worked in fits and starts -- from The Hague to New Delhi, Copenhagen to Cancun, Durban to Doha, and Lima to Paris -- in efforts to forge a global climate deal.


They finally did so late last year in the French capital, riding Figueres’s stewardship to the first ever serious international commitment to do something about climate change.


Her work now largely done, Figueres is stepping down in July after a six-year run.  So in what may be his final chance to question the world’s top climate change official, Eric brought the big guns: Are you optimistic that the Paris pact can really halt rising global temperatures?  How do the nearly 200 countries who reached the accord now turn to the incredibly hard work ahead? And of course: What do you think about Donald Trump?


Well, he didn’t ask that exactly, but the presumptive Republican presidential nominee did make it into the interview.  Eric asked Figueres about Trump’s suggestion that -- if elected president -- he’d renegotiate the Paris Agreement.


Her response? “Good luck with that.”


You can read here Eric’s entire interview, a similar discussion with the next UNFCCC head, and a sit-down with the climate leader for some of the world’s poorest nations.