Updating Dockets

  1. You can ensure a docket is current by viewing the date of last update, at the right side of the docket. If the docket is not up to date, click on the Update Docket link above the docket sheet or on the right side of the Docket sheet and click Accept on the popup.

    Updating Docket

  2. Once the update has been processed, you will receive an email notification that the update has been processed. A notification will also pop up on the bottom right-corner of the site.

    Updating Docket 2

  3. You can view any updates by going to your Docket Requests page and clicking on the corresponding case title. You can also view them by simply refreshing your browser.

    Updating Docket 3

  4. If there is no visible Update Docket link, that docket sheet is updated directly via a court distributed feed. It will say Automatically Updated under the Docket Currency section on the right of the docket. You may want to track these dockets to monitor updates as they occur.

    Updating Docket 4