U.S. and China Delegations Meet for First Time to Implement Anti-Commercial Hacking Agreement


The U.S. and China May 11 held the first bi-lateral meeting in accordance with the September 2016 anti-hacking agreement.

Very little information was released from the meeting. Reuters quoted the U.S. State Department as saying the governments discussed “international norms of state behavior and other crucial issues for international security in cyberspace.”

The Chinese delegation said that “positive, in-depth and constructive” discussion were held about international law issues and confidence building measures.

Private industry and U.S. lawmakers have been keeping a watchful eye, Bloomberg BNA reported at the time of the deal. Industry groups were supportive of the deal when it was announced, and lawmakers have been waiting to see how the agreement is implemented.

The State Department announced that meetings would be held twice per year going forward, and they expect to meet again later this year.

The U.S. delegation was headed by Christopher Painter, coordinator for cyber issues at the Department of State, and included representatives from the Department of Justice and the Department Homeland Security.

The Chinese delegation was headed by Wang Qun, director-general of arms control at the Chinese Foreign Ministry, and included officials from China’s defense, information technology, public security and cyberspace administration ministries.

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