U.S. Intelligence Officials Mum on Russian Cyberattacks


Cyberattacks against the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton Foundation and other political enterprises have been linked to the Russian government. Russian President Vladimir Putin vehemently denied the link even though he told Bloomberg News that the hacks are “a public service.”

A recent Bloomberg First Word said that U.S. intelligence officials are keeping what they know about Russia’s involvement a secret. James Comey, speaking at the Intelligence & National Security Summit in Washington, said that intelligence officials are keeping everything a secret so they don’t tip off the tip off the Russia government.

Multiple cybersecurity researchers found links between Russia and the DNC data breaches. There is also evidence and charges from the Clinton camp that Russia is attempting to alter the U.S. elections by leaking sensitive e-mails related to the Democratic Party. 

It is unknown whether the Russian government has continued its purported hacking regime against state election boards. In late August, two election boards were hacked and in one instance, actual data was stolen. Although the bureau won’t point fingers at a specific nation-state, many think the Russian government was behind the attacks.

It seems like the modern-day digital Cold War will continue throughout the election season. 

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