U.S. Privacy and Security Compliance Enforcement in the Health Care Industry



With 1,140 large health data breaches – involving more than 41 million people – reported to the Office of Civil Right since 2009, data breach has quickly become one of the most challenging elements of enterprise risk management for health care organizations.


The report helps you:                   

  • Understand OCR’s recent emphasis on enforcement actions and the potential outcome of a new round of HIPAA compliance audits for 2015.
  • Learn how developments in recent cases, including LabMD v. FTC, will help determine if Section 5 of the FTC Act supports the agency's jurisdiction over data breach cases.
  • Get insights on how recent actions by the executive branch, including two executives orders in 2015 alone, and agencies have bolstered enforcement actions – including state Attorney General’s pursuing violators per the enforcement granted under HITECH Act
  • See how the Supreme Court decision in Clapper v. Amnesty International USA, has impacted other privacy-related class action suits, as state courts have applied a similar standing to data breach claims.