Using the Search Bar

The Bloomberg Law Search Bar is the primary tool for both searching legal content and navigating the features of the site. It allows you to run searches from anywhere in Bloomberg Law so you can quickly get to the information you want.  Use the Search Bar to find case law, news, company information and more. 

Searching Legal Content

To search all legal content on Bloomberg Law, simply enter your search terms into the Search Bar. You can enter keywords in natural language or with terms and connectors.

As you enter your keywords, suggestions will drop down under the Search Bar to provide quick links to content related to your keywords, including commonly-cited court opinions and company and people profiles.

Search Bar 1

Click on any of the suggestions to view the suggested content, or simply hit enter to run your keyword search across all legal content.


You can also limit your search to specific sources by clicking the Select Sources link on the right side of the Search Bar.

Search Bar 2

Searching By Citation and Title

To search for a document by citation, enter your citation into the Search Bar, and click the link the drops down.

Search Bar 3

You can also search for a book or treatise by title by entering the title into the Search Bar and selecting the book you want from the dropdown list.

Changing Your Search Context

When you visit certain pages on Bloomberg Law, such as practice centers, your search context will automatically change to limit your searches to content relevant to that Practice Center. The pulldown menu on the left side of the Search Bar will identify the context for your search.

Search Bar 4

To change the search context, click on the pulldown menu on the left side of the Search Bar and click on your desired context.

Search Bar 5
Using the Search Bar for Navigation

The Search Bar can also be used as a navigation tool to find specific features, content and resources on Bloomberg Law.


For example, to find a specific practice center, start typing the name of the practice center you need into the Search Bar, and click it from the dropdown list.

Search Bar 6