Using the Go Bar

Bloomberg Law GO Bar is a search field that is located in the Bloomberg Law Menu. This feature provides the ability to run searches from anywhere in Bloomberg Law so you can quickly get to the information you want.  To find case law, news, company information and more, use the search GO Bar.

The GO Bar supports four search methods:

  • Keyword
  • Citation
  • Court Opinions
  • Company and People names
How to Use Keyword Search

  1. Enter a term in the search field.
  2.  A drop-down menu appears with options to search relevant content sets, including: All Legal Content, Opinions by Case, Name Dockets by Party Name, Portfolios, Book and Treatises, Laws and Regulations, Regulatory Agency Materials, and News .
  3. Click on the desired database to search.
How to Citation Search

  1. Enter a term in the search field, separating multiple citations with semicolons.
  2. A drop-down menu appears with relevant options, including citation search.
  3. Select Citation Search.
How to Locate Most Cited Court Opinions

  1. In the search field, enter a name from the caption of the opinion you seek.
  2. The GO Bar auto-complete feature will show most cited opinions with that name.
  3. Select the desired result to load that opinion or add additional keywords in the GO Bar to narrow the results further.
How to Find Company and People Names

  1. In the search field, input a name or ticker.
  2. The GO Bar auto-complete feature predicts Companies or People you are searching for as you are typing.
  3. Select a company or person.