Use the Notepad

To add electronic margin notes to documents within the site use Notepad. The added notes are personal notes and only available to others if you print, download or email the document and opt to include notes from Notepad. 

How to Access the Notepad

Access to the Notepad depends on the kind of content being viewed. Find it by either choosing the Notepad tab.



Or click Show General Info & Notepad.


Notepad 2


To add a Note, click inside the Notepad.

Enter a Note in the New Note screen.

Click Save
*The result is logged in your Research Trail.




To Edit a note, click Edit on the note, make changes, and click Save.

To delete a note, click Delete, and click Delete on the confirmation message.


   notepad_3A     notepad_delete


To Print/Download or Email a document with the Notepad notes, click Print/Download or Email.

In the dialog box click the Notepad Content checkbox to include Notes in the print/download or email.

*For Email, click the Document Options tab on the dialog box to access the option to include Notes. 


Notepad_4      Notepad_5