Using Saved for Later

Bloomberg Law clients can use Saved for Later to easily organize search results—including documents from multiple searches related to a common research project. Users can quickly and effectively print, download or e-mail packages of results from Saved for Later, as well as add them to Workspaces.


How to Access Saved for Later
  1. To access Saved for Later, click on the Saved for Later link at the top of the page.
  2. The number listed on the Saved for Later indicator will increase or decrease as you add or remove items from your Saved for Later list.
Using Saved File for Later PNG1
How to Add a Document to Saved for Later

  1. You can add an item to Saved for Later from the document view by clicking Save for Later.
  2. To add a document from a results list, check the boxes next to your desired documents and click Save for Later.  
    *Note: Saved for Later automatically excludes duplicate versions of the same document.
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How to Work with Documents in Saved for Later

  1. Click Saved for Later  at the top of the page to open Saved for Later.
  2. You can select all documents or choose specific items to Print/Download, Email or add to a Workspace from Saved for Later.
  3. The items in Saved for Later will remain in Saved for Later until you remove them.  
    *You can have up to 50 items in Saved for Later at any time. If you add more you will receive a notification that says "You've exceeded the Saved for Later limit of 50 documents. Please remove some documents in order to add others.”
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How to Access Saved for Later on Your Mobile Device

With the Bloomberg Law app on your smartphone, you can access legal documents and news articles in your Saved for Later, even when you are offline.


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The Bloomberg Law app is available in the App Store and  Google Play™ Store.