Use Tags in Your Workspaces

Tags enable you to easily classify documents and searches according to a wide range of desired criteria so that you can quickly and easily access specific documents and searches in your Workspaces. 
*Specialists’ Tip: Workspaces tags work similarly, but separately from Alerts tags.

How to Apply Tags to Documents and Searches in a Workspace
  1. Open Workspace  from the top of the Bloomberg Law Menu.
  2. Check the documents you wish to tag.
  3. Click Apply Tags. Notice that the Apply Tags link is inaccessible until a specific document is selected.
  4. The Apply Tags dialog appears.
  5. Select a tag or Enter a new one.
  6. To Enter a new tag, In the Search field, input the name of the new Tag.
  7. The Create New link appears.
  8. Click Create New.
  9. The tag appears in the tags list and is already selected.
  10. Click Apply. The tag is applied and also appears in the Tags filter options. 
    *You are also able to tag a document when you first add it to a particular workspace.