VIDEO: Wireless Spectrum, Open Data and Online Liability Wrap



Lawmakers on Capitol Hill squeezed in a series of tech and telecom-related hearings and bill introductions before breaking for a two-week recess. We run down the action for you in this week’s Tech and Telecom roundup.

The House Energy and Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee held an April 5 hearing on bills that would help meet the wireless industry’s call for more airwaves and infrastructure. Missouri Republican Rep. Ann Wagner introduced a bill that would make online platforms accountable if they recklessly disregard third-party content that promotes sex trafficking. And House and Senate lawmakers introduced legislation that would make it easier for startups to harness the government’s big data.

Sharing safety data and updating the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s 5-star safety rating program to include more information about self-driving technologies could help consumer adoption rates of advanced driver assistance systems. That’s according to testimony given by industry and research groups during a House Energy and Commerce Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection Subcommittee hearing.