View Updates to Tracked Dockets

View red-lined changes to dockets being tracking. The page defaults to a date range of the current date and the previous month.

How to Manage Docket Tracks 

Select My Work History, select Alerts and click Manage Your Alerts at the bottom of the drop-down menu.


Track Documents_1A

Click the Management tab and in the Subscription Type options box, select Docket Tracks.

Click Edit to change the frequency or delete to remove a docket from tracking.


Track Dockets Mgmt_1

How to View Updates to Tracked Dockets

Dockets being tracked send an email when the docket has been updated. Access the tracked document from the email, or: 

  1. Select My Work History, select Alerts then click the Manage Your Alerts link.
  2. Click the Alerts Inbox tab and in the Type options box, select Docket Tracks
  3. Click the Title to open the Docket.

Track Dockets_2



The Docket opens with the changes highlighted in red.



Tracked Doc