Vivien Gertsch

Vivien Gertsch

Vivien Gertsch is the owner of VIP Beratung Anstalt, a firm which provides services in the field of taxation, financial services, and informatics in the German language. Concurrently, Ms. Gertsch is a Board Member of Euro Wirtshaftsprufung which provides auditing services. She also spent more than 12 years as a Lecturer of tax and corporate law at the University of Liechtenstein. She regularly publishes in the field of global tax, as well as being an author of short stories and poems. As vice-president of Amnesty International and a Soroptimist representing the Principality of Liechtenstein, Ms. Gertsch is strongly committed to human rights and support for the disadvantaged.

Mediator, IFAM School of Mediation, Liechtenstein (2010)
J.D., University of Salzburg (1990)
Swiss Tax Expert, Taxation, Academy of the Swiss Chamber of Fiduciaries