The Volkswagen Settlement: An In-Depth Look at the Recordbreaking $14.7 Billion Diesel Emissions Deal

In the wake of the VW emissions scandal, the EPA sought to take the opportunity to address air pollution caused by the manufacturer, while VW agreed to an unprecedented proposed settlement in order to move on. The proposed settlement, which could be approved later this year, includes the largest monetary obligation that a company has made to mitigate pollution under the Clean Air Act, as well as the largest consumer compensation fund in Federal Trade Commission history. Furthermore, the settlement is expected to speed up adoption of clean diesel trucks and zero-emissions vehicles. 

Download this in-depth report and understand:

  • Details of the proposed settlement
  • Why the record-breaking settlement won’t solve all of VW’s diesel problems in the U.S
  • How the VW scandal and settlement could increase adoption of clean diesel, zero emissions vehicle
  • Why VW faces a great challenge in getting over-emitting diesels off the road
  • And much more!