Wage and Hour Insurance: Covering the Risk

Wage and Hour Insurance: Covering the Risk covers the proliferation of wage and hour litigation and includes analysis of existing insurance coverage, how much coverage is necessary to help employers, the types of insurance policies and tips on how to structure them.

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Employers continue to struggle managing work and pay issues in order to stay compliant with the myriad wage and hour laws that cross federal, state and local jurisdictions.

The coverage provided by insurance policies for wage and hour class action lawsuits can be an extremely valuable corporate asset to your organization. Companies can maximize the benefits of their insurance assets by being proactive and by being willing to question, and challenge where appropriate, coverage denials from their insurers.

This Payroll Strategic White Paper is helpful for your organization so your payroll department can be aware of the possible outcomes of wage and hour claims, the costs borne by employers, and how to mitigate the costs post-claim.

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