Wanted: Selfies With Judge Rodney Gilstrap


How much is a patent on a selfie worth? According to Judge Rodney Gilstrap of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, probably quite a lot. 

In an order awarding sanctions against patent assertion entity Iris Connex LLC, Gilstrap pointed out that Iris Connex was essentially arguing that it had a patent on selfies. 

He reasoned that the plaintiff’s $80,000 settlement offer to Dell Inc. was much too low for such valuable technology, and this was evidence that Iris Connex was trying to secure a nuisance settlement. 

That is useful guidance for patent litigators, but it does raise another question. Namely, is Gilstrap a prolific selfie taker? A quick internet image search turned up no evidence. Nor does Gilstrap appear to have an Instagram account, though one could conceivably exist under a nickname. 

For those interested in reading more about the case, the order in Iris Connex, LLC v. Dell, Inc. can be found here

For those who may have a selfie featuring the busiest patent judge in the United States, kindly send a note to pleung@bna.com.