Waste Electronics Recycling

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Latest Developments…

    The Obama administration Nov. 16 announced the formation of a federal task force to promote electronic waste recycling by federal agencies. The announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency said the Council on Environmental Quality, EPA, and General Services Administration formed the task force under the Executive Order on Federal Sustainability (E.O. 13514), signed Oct. 5, 2009. The departments of Commerce and State and the U.S. Trade Representative also will be represented on the task force. The announcement came a day after President Obama issued an “America Recycles Day” proclamation Nov. 15 highlighting the importance of recycling in general and waste electronics recycling in particular. “Currently, most discarded consumer electronics end up in our landfills or are exported abroad, creating potential health and environmental hazards and representing a lost opportunity to recover valuable resources such as rare earth minerals,” Obama said in the proclamation. “To address the problems caused by electronic waste, American businesses, government, and individuals must work together to manage these electronics throughout the product lifecycle—from design and manufacturing through their use and eventual recycling, recovery, and disposal,” Obama said. The task force will “prepare a national strategy for responsible electronics stewardship, including improvements to Federal procedures for managing electronic products,” he said.
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Did you know…?
    In addition to waste electronics, EPA also encourages the recycling of hazardous wastes under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.
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