Wasteful Government Spending Seen on Eating Worms Studies

Wasteful spending approved by Congress is siphoning off millions of dollars that could be better spent on addressing the Zika virus or the opioid crisis, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) told reporters today.

Flake, a critic of wasteful spending, hit the Senate press gallery to distribute copies of his new report detailing the results of 20 questionable government-funded studies on matters such as bee stings and contagious yawning. Flake distributed trays of chocolate pudding decorated with gummy worms to highlight one study aiming to determine whether Republicans or Democrats are more disgusted by eating worms.


Flake hands out cupcakes adorned with gummy worms. (Photographer: Nancy Ognanovich/Bloomberg BNA)

Flake’s report, "Twenty Questions: Profiles in Federally Funded Science," said some of the other government-funded studies will baffle taxpayers, such as why walking with coffee causes it to spill, why the face of Jesus appears on toast, whether cheerleaders are more attractive in a squad and if it were possible to outrun a dinosaur.

"With so many mysteries to explore in the universe, perhaps the greatest is how studies like this get funded in the first place," the report said. "Each is likely to leave taxpayers scratching their heads and pondering one simple question: Why?”