What We're Watching the Week of Aug. 22


Here are some of the top stories, events and other environmental controversies on our radar this week.

Petrochemical Plant Expansion

There’s a big upsurge in investments in petro chemicals and fertilizer in the domestic U.S. Shale gas is driving the spike. Alan Kovski is investigating.

Ebola-Contaminated Medical Waste

How is Ebola-contaminated medical waste transported? Rachel Leven is digging through Freedom of Information Act requests made in October 2014 to the Transportation Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find out.

Presidential Campaign Contributions

What federal government employees are donating to presidential campaigns? Anthony Adragna is taking a look at staff from several federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy Department.    

Water Security Report

The Atlantic Council is expected to release a report this week on global water security. Amena Saiyid is on it.

Recycling Carbon Dioxide From Industrial Facilities

The National Coal Council is expected to release a white paper about carbon dioxide utilization options. Stephen Lee will have a story.

Superfund Site Settlement Agreement in North Carolina

The EPA and Forshaw Industries have reached an agreement on the Forshaw Chemicals Superfund Site in Charlotte, N.C. The settlement involves recovery of costs for cleanup by EPA at the site. Andrew Ballard is writing the story.

Wind, Solar Groups Gearing Up for Energy Bill This Fall

Clean energy groups are preparing for a fight this fall to help pass the first comprehensive energy law in nearly 10 years. Rebecca Kern is on top of it.

Groundwater Depletion

In a special report, Amena Saiyid looks at groundwater depletion and uses Nevada and Florida as case studies. The West has been gripped in drought, but the East has seen near normal rainfall this year. Yet the growing demand for water is stressing groundwater supplies.  

The Latest With Flint, Michigan

The Local Government Advisory Committee is telling the EPA to do a better job communicating with local officials on important water-related information, such as drinking water health advisories on emerging contaminants and safety standards. Rachel Leven is keeping watch.

USDA Loosens Rules on Labeling Meat, Poultry as Non-GMO

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will allow meat, poultry and egg producers to use labels such as “contains no GMO ingredients” or “derived from beef fed no GMO feed” to indicate products that are not made with genetically engineered ingredients or animal feed. The Agriculture Department released the guidance last Friday. Casey Wooten is on the story.