Webinar on DOL's Proposed Change to the Definition of 'Fiduciary' Will be Held Jan. 13

BNA is sponsoring a webinar titled "Changing the Definition: Who is a Fiduciary," to be held Jan. 13, 2011, from 1 - 2:30 p.m ET.

The program will provide an in-depth look at the Department of Labor's proposed amendment to the definition of fiduciary, which would expand the group considered to be fiduciaries and therefore subject to DOL enforcement.

Our speakers will answer the questions: “Who will the new rule help, and who will it hurt?” and “What might the final rule look like?” In addition, our panel will also explore possibly troubling issues stemming from some of the proposed changes, such as the effect of the new definition on ESOP appraisals in particular and the employee benefits industry in general.

More information and registration for the program is available at: http://legaledge.bna.com/.

-- Sarah Stevens, managing editor, BNA Pension & Benefit Publications