Website Launched for Green Infrastructure Certification

DC Water and the Water Environment Federation launched a website July 18 to provide resources for individuals seeking to enroll in the recently created national green infrastructure certification program.

The website will complement the national green infrastructure certification program, which was established in February to provide national standards for professionals seeking to work on projects that use green infrastructure approaches to manage combined stormwater and wastewater overflows.

The website,, will serve as a resource for the latest program news and updates, offer industry and certification resources, and link to regional training opportunities.

In addition, it will feature lists of resources on green infrastructure construction, inspection and maintenance, including specific topics related to the certification knowledge and skill areas.

Green infrastructure includes engineered techniques that mimic nature to keep polluted stormwater on or near the site where the rain falls—and out of waterways—until it can be treated, evaporates, is used on site or filters into the ground and replenishes groundwater supplies. Such techniques include the use of street trees, rain gardens, vegetated swales, porous pavement and green roofs.

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