The Week Ahead: African Leaders Summit to Include Ways to Address Climate Change


The White House will host a U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Aug. 4-6 in Washington, which will include a "signature event" Aug. 4 on climate change, food security and resilience.

The event, which will be presented by the National Academy of Sciences, will highlight how climate change and variability are impacting food security in Africa, and how U.S. initiatives, along with commitments by African leaders, can "bolster the resilience of people, households, communities and systems."

Quadrennial Energy Review

North Dakota Sens. Heidi Heitkamp (D) and John Hoeven (R) will host the Energy Department's meeting of the Quadrennial Energy Review Aug. 8 in Bismarck.

Speakers include DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz, Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, White House Office of Science and Technology Director John Holdren, and Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Land and Minerals Management Janice Schneider.

As covered in a May 8 Energy and Climate Report article, the QER team is charged with developing “actionable recommendations” to improve energy infrastructure by addressing vulnerabilities, including climate change, cyber security, physical threats, interdependencies and supply-demand shifts.

The review was ordered by the White House, which has redefined the word “quadrennial” by deciding to break the review into four installments, allowing for one report each year over four years. The first review is scheduled to be released Jan. 31, 2015.

FWS to Hold Public Meeting

The Fish and Wildlife Service will hold the last of five public meetings Aug. 7 in Washington to gather input on its proposed rule to allow operators of wind farms to receive permits to allow for incidental killing or harm to eagles by operators of wind farms.

As covered in a June 20 article, the proposal would revise permit regulations to implement a final rule issued in December 2013 to facilitate development of renewable energy and other projects that are intended to operate for decades, as long as companies adopt measures designed to minimize harm to eagles. The proposed rule would replace the five-year limit on permits in the service's 2009 rule with a new 30-year limit.

In July, meetings on the proposal were held in Sacramento, Calif.; Minneapolis; Albuquerque, N.M.; and Denver.

New Jersey to Hold Hearing on RGGI

On Aug. 8, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection will hold a public hearing in Trenton on proposed rules to repeal the state's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative's emissions trading program rules.

As covered in a July 11 article, a state court ordered the department to repeal or amend the rules that are still on the books after the state withdrew from RGGI in 2012. If amended, the court said the rule could only be applied if New Jersey is an active participant in RGGI.

The proposed rule to repeal the rules is expected to set the stage for a new round of public protests over the state's withdrawal from RGGI.

California Climate Assessment Meeting

The California Resources Agency will hold a public workshop Aug. 8 in Sacramento on the state's "Fourth Climate Change Assessment."

The assessment is expected to provide "critical information regarding expected climate impacts from extreme weather event," including wildfires and droughts. Previous assessments were published in 2006, 2008 and 2012.

Additional hearings on the fourth assessment will be held Aug. 12 in Los Angeles and Aug. 13 in San Francisco.


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