The Week Ahead: Senate Poised to to Vote on Defense Spending Bill; Restrictions on Use of Biofuels by Military Expected to Be Retained


The Senate is expected the week of Dec. 16 to consider a compromise Defense Department authorization bill approved by the House that retains restrictions on the military's use of biofuels.

As covered in a Dec. 9 Energy and Climate Reportarticle, the National Defense Authorization Act codifies DOD policy that biofuels purchased in bulk by the Pentagon "have to be bought at competitive prices."

A related article covers a joint announcement by the DOD and the Department of Agriculture Dec. 11 that the military will begin regularly purchasing alternative fuels for jets and ships, and will for the first time make biofuels available as part of its "regular procurement practices."

The drop-in biofuels--meaning ones that can be used without equipment alterations--produced through the joint venture will be less than $4 per gallon by 2016, the departments said.

EIA to Release Energy Forecasts

On Dec. 16, the Energy Information Administration will release its "Annual Energy Outlook 2014 Early Release Overview." The outlook includes projections of U.S. energy supply, demand and prices through 2040.

European Commission to Hold `Information Day'

The European Commission  will hold an "Information Day 2013: Smart, Green and Integrated Transport" Dec. 18 in Brussels. The event will cover the preparation of grant proposals under the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Program for Research and Innovation.

According to the commission, Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research and innovation program ever with nearly €80 billion ($110 billion) of funding available over seven years (2014-2020).

Other Energy, Climate Events

The Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership program will hold a webinar Dec. 17 on "Building Your Internal Network: Making the Switch to Green Power."

On Dec. 17, the Clean Energy States Alliance will hold a webinar on "Cost and Technology Projections for Solar and Wind."

The Solar Energy Industries Association will hold two webinars in the week ahead. On Dec. 17, the webinar will provide an overview of the "Q3 2013 Solar Market Insight Report." On Dec. 19, the webinar will provide an update on net energy metering in Arizona, California, Colorado and Massachusetts.

Bloomberg BNA Webinar

On Dec. 18 Bloomberg BNA will hold a webinar on "Next Steps for Climate Adaptation and Resilience: What You Need to Know." Speakers include Ira Feldman, president and senior counsel for Greentrack Strategies; Joyce Coffee, managing director of the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index; John Kostyack, vice president for wildlife conservation at the National Wildlife Federation; and Sascha Petersen, senior program officer for the American Society of Adaptation Practitioners.