Weekly BNA Insights: Whole Foods Hit With New York Deficiency

From the Weekly State Tax Report:

Whole Foods Market Group Inc. should have filed a New York combined report with the Whole Foods group's Delaware intellectual property partnership and owes more than $3.5 million in state taxes, interest and penalties, an administrative law judge for the New York Division of Tax Appeals ruled July 14.

The ALJ considered results of the N.Y. Division of Taxation's audit of tax years ending in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Whole Foods Market Group Inc. (WFMG), a Delaware corporation, distributed and sold natural and organic food products at its retail stores throughout the U.S., including its stores in New York, during the audit period.

Robert Willens, president of the tax and consulting firm Robert Willens LLC in New York and an adjunct professor of finance at Columbia University Graduate School of Business, discusses the administrative law ruling in this week’s BNA Insights article, available here (subscription required). Or sign up for a free trial to the Weekly State Tax Report.

Compiled by Chreasea Dickerson