Weekly Round-Up: The Next Wild Frontier of Sales Tax

The next wave of digital innovation is telematics, or the "Internet of Things" and represents one of the fastest growing sectors of the Internet and our economy,Michael T. Dillon, Esq., founder and President of Dillon Tax Consulting, LLC, writes in this week's issue of the Bloomberg BNA  Weekly State Tax Report .

While the majority of states have taken a position on the taxability of digital products and services, fewer have provided guidance on the taxability of cloud-based products and services, he writes.

"It is likely then, that sales tax guidance on the newest technological advancements may be a long time coming," Dillon says.

Additionally, some of the early predictions as to how states will classify and tax it hinge on a federal law, the future of which is also currently cloudy-the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA). Bloomberg BNA State Tax Law Editor Ean Hamilton's interview with Dillon on whether the IFTA will prohibit states from taxing the "Internet of Things" can be read  here .

Dillon's article, which can be read  here , provides a brief overview of the state tax issues raised by telematics and identifies the major components and players in the area. Dillon also includes examples to illustrate the tax result for different types of transactions and provides practical insights to help practitioners determine the correct amount of tax owed.

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Compiled by Priya D. Nair

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