Weekly Round-Up: Outgoing Chair of the Utah State Tax Commission Is a Fan of the MTC

The MTC is very valuable, both from a tax structure and a tax compliance point of view, R. Bruce Johnson, Outgoing Chair of the Utah State Tax Commission, said in response to a question about why he was such a strong proponent of the MTC.

Johnson’s comments were part of a larger interview in this week's issue of the Bloomberg BNA Weekly State Tax Reportin which he spoke to Walt Nagel, Don Griswold, and Jeremy Abrams, all with Crowell and Moring's state tax team about, among other things, computing tax based on SEC-reported net income, the MTC's various uniformity projects and ethics in the practice of tax law. The interview is part of Bloomberg BNA’s Crowell's Conversations series in which members of Crowell& Moring's state tax team meet regularly with state tax commissioners and their counsel to bring Bloomberg BNA's readers candid and timely observations from the country's top state tax decision-makers.

“There are many differences among the states that make it very hard to do business,” he said. Some of those differences represent valid policy decisions by state legislatures, but some are just historical accidents, he said.

“I think our economy, our taxpayers and our states will ultimately be better off if we can reduce unnecessary complexity,” he said, and “[m]ore uniformity among the states will help us achieve that goal.”

The MTC's uniformity projects are well thought out, with a lot of business input and I wish more of them would be adopted, he said.

The complete interview with Johnson can be read here.

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Compiled by Priya D. Nair

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