Weekly Round-Up: Philip Morris Asks California for Lower Tax Bill; Gamers Challenge Chicago's Amusement Tax

Highlights from the 6/5/17 through 6/9/17 issues of the Daily Tax Report: State :

  • Minnesota Marketplace Law Ripe for Legal Challenge
    Minnesota's first-in-the-nation law imposing sales tax collection duties on electronic marketplace providers will likely be challenged in court, tax practitioners and an e-commerce trade association told Bloomberg BNA June 1.
  • Key California Tax Bills on Hold for the Year
    California bills to eliminate three tax benefits for the wealthy, expand a tax benefit for manufacturing equipment purchases, and exempt feminine hygiene products from sales tax have stalled for the year.
  • Gamers Challenge Chicago's Amusement Tax
    The video gaming industry is challenging Chicago's “Netflix tax,” filing an action in an Illinois circuit court asserting violations of the Internet Tax Freedom Act.
  • 30 States in MoneyGram Dispute Awaiting Next Steps
    A special master for the U.S. Supreme Court will soon decide whether to narrow or expand a dispute between Delaware and 29 states over abandoned MoneyGram payments.
  • Nevada Adopts 10 Percent Tax on Recreational Marijuana
    Nevada's Legislature wrapped up its biennial session at midnight June 5 by adopting legislation backed by Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) that imposes a 10 percent retail tax on recreational marijuana.
  • Philip Morris Asks California for Lower Tax Bill
    Tobacco giant Philip Morris USA Inc. is asking California tax authorities for an exception to rules that base corporate income tax liability solely on the amount of sales in the state because it says the rules don't accurately represent its business.
  • Parties Unveil Model State Statute for Partnership Audit Law
    Practitioners have rolled out draft model legislation that many hope will serve as the starting point for uniform state statutes addressing the new federal partnership audit regime.

Some notable developments from the State Tax Developments Tracker —Bloomberg BNA’s tool for monitoring important developments in all the states:

  • Colorado Legislature Enacts Law Concerning Apportionment of Income of Enterprise Data Centers
  • Montana Department of Revenue Proposes Repealing Taxation of Internet Revenue Rules
  • Oregon Allows Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Recipients to Receive Advance Installment Payment of Dependent Care Tax Credit
  • Iowa Court of Appeals Finds Taxpayers Had Standing to Challenge Resolution Establishing Urban Renewal Area, Plan

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In other developments …

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