Weekly Round-Up: Utah Gives Amazon Multimillion Dollar Tax Break; Trump’s Repatriation Proposal Could Complicate State Taxes for Apple, Exxon Mobil

Highlights from the 6/12/17 through 6/16/17 issues of the Daily Tax Report: State :

  • Fight Over Alaska Tax Bills May Lead to Government Shutdown
    Alaskans face a government-services shutdown July 1 unless the House and Senate can work out differences over taxes related to oil, motor fuel, and infrastructure.
  • California Tax Board Stripped of Most Duties Under Bill
    California's troubled elected tax board would lose most of its duties—including handling taxpayer appeal cases—under a sweeping plan from Gov. Jerry Brown (D), legislative leaders, and State Controller Betty T. Yee (D).
  • Amazon Will Get $5.6 Million Tax Break Under Deal With Utah
    Amazon.com Inc. will receive a $5.6 million tax incentive from Utah under an agreement approved by the Governor's Office of Economic Development.
  • Trump Budget Sticks States With $44 Billion Shortage in 2018: Report
    President Donald Trump's proposed budget would leave states and local governments looking for ways to make up $44 billion in combined cuts, equivalent to more than 5 percent of state general-fund budgets.
  • D.C. OKs Budget, Tax Cuts to Chagrin of Patriotic Millionaire
    The D.C. Council approved a $13.9 billion city budget that included tax cuts approved in 2014 and irked a group of millionaires who opposed cuts for wealthy taxpayers.
  • Repatriation Could Complicate State Taxes for Apple, Exxon Mobil
    Apple Inc., Exxon Mobil Corp. and other companies that would benefit from President Donald Trump's proposal for repatriation of foreign earnings face uncertain tax liability from state and local governments.
  • Court Tosses Fees for ‘King of Qui Tam,’ Business Model Done?
    The profit motive driving hundreds of false claims lawsuits by a Chicago lawyer known as the “king of qui tam” may be drying up after an appeals court rejected the prolific whistle-blower's demand for fees in a case involving unpaid sales and use taxes.

Some notable developments from the State Tax Developments Tracker —Bloomberg BNA’s tool for monitoring important developments in all the states:

  • California Franchise Tax Board Publishes Draft Text of Proposed Sales Factor Rule
  • Illinois Department of Revenue Proposes Amending Rule Concerning Income, Withholding Computation
  • New York Department of Economic Development Adopts Emergency Amendments to Rules on Empire Zones Reform
  • New Hampshire General Court Enacts Law Regarding All Veterans' Property Tax Credit
  • Ohio Department of Taxation Announces Sales Tax Holiday

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In other developments … 

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