Weekly Round-Up: Do Varied State Approaches to Sales and Use Tax on Remote Sales Warrant Federal Action?

As Internet purchasing continues to flourish and states adopt their own related tax policies, varying approaches are bound to develop based on the diversity of interests, values and approaches that states take to any given issue , Bloomberg BNA state tax law editor Rebecca Helmes ( @RebeccaHelmes ) writes in this week’s issue of the Weekly State Tax Report.

This holds true when it comes to the imposition of sales and use tax on remote sales, including via click-through nexus. Despite efforts to unify states' approaches, their policies on how to impose tax are anything but uniform, and in some cases, contradictory, Helmes writes.

Helmes’s article, which can be read in its entirety here , explores how states assert sales tax nexus over remote retailers and what the ramifications of this might be.

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Compiled by Priya D. Nair

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