Welcome to the New Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Blog

This week we officially relaunch the Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Blog. Now on a new platform, the blog is more attractive and easier to use, yet it continues to contain insight, commentary, and analysis from the well-respected Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Advisory Board.

For more than 35 years--since the enactment of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)--BNA and our subscribers have benefited from the experience and knowledge of a varied group of practitioners in the area of pensions and benefits. These attorneys, accountants, actuaries, consultants, business leaders, and academics meet regularly as our advisory board to consider and discuss key topics of interest in their field.

Many of the questions and issues considered by the board find their way into Bloomberg BNA's publications (such the Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Daily and the BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter) and reference services (such as the Bloomberg BNA Benefits Practice Resource Center).  For the past five years, we have also used the vehicle of a blog to give our board members a chance to develop and present their ideas in a public forum and perhaps spur a lively dialogue on the topics of the day.

To that end, our advisory board members will continue to regularly post their thoughts here and blog readers will be able to comment on the posts and add their own thoughts, ideas, and questions. We encourage feedback; you can contact the managing editor at sstevens@bna.com.  We hope you come back often.

-- Sarah Stevens, managing editor, BNA Pension & Benefits Publications, sstevens@bna.com